Monday, May 25, 2009


Its that time again where nobody, and I mean nobody wants to be in school. (except for Adam Gutman). Now that the seniors are gone school just won't feel the same. I'm not talking about how us juniors are now the oldest on campus but it should be summer time and not study time. Last year i felt this way too. I know a bunch of seniors and whenever they get the chance they tell me how they are going to be sleeping in, going out, and not having a care in life. All I can think is how i will be studying for finals over the weekend when I really should be chilling and playing baseball. Next year we will be the ones getting out early and loving life. Next year is a long time ago and I want to be done right now. Finals are going to be killer for me. It seems like my grades are border line in every class and finals never really help your grade so I am expecting the worst. All I'm saying is these last two weeks are going to be two of the toughest of my life. 


Adam said...

It's weird that you mention my love for school. I too am getting junioritis, but at the same time I am just heating up. I think I get this terrible syndrone twice a year and both times come during finals. During second semester finals I am distracted with lacrosse, good weather, television, and hockey. But during the winter I am also distracted by lacrosse, hockey, snow, and television. I think finals are a time all new trier students are hesitant and distracted from working. Our school should strive to be like other schools out east and let students with A's to sit out of finals. THis would encourage harder work ethics during the school year.

Frettzilla said...

I too have started to turn off my brain this year. it is so crammed full of stuff i learned that it could spew out. I just want to be a senior and be done with school.

Adam said...

Whoaaa, Brihno, being a senior doesn't mean school is over. I think you need to hike up your shorts, put on your rain gear, and get ready for what lies ahead. This year is far from over.