Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's All a Game

For our American flag assignment, I thought about all the American flag themed things I have in my house. At first I was going to take a picture of a picture but it wasn't original. So I thought of something else. I didn't think of it until Saturday morning while playing baseball. I took out my baseball glove and began to play catch when the thought came into my head. On my glove I have an embroidered American flag. Then I thought what it meant to have a flag on a glove. I came up with: baseball is very tightly knit to America. It is called our National Pastime for a reason. That reason is because it is an American game. It was founded in America, it was played solely in America for many years, and it is a our oldest professional sport. I think the flag embroidered on the mitt is supposed to resemble how close America is to baseball. Baseball is a game of struggle and failure. A person who gets a hit three out of ten times is considered successful. America is a lot like that. To separate from England and to get where we are now took struggle and time. Although the US is the most powerful country in the world, there were and are many struggles Americans have had to face. We had to struggle for our freedom, equality of races and religion, and peace in other countries and even our own. baseball and America are very similar because you may lose a battle but you can still win the war.

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