Monday, June 1, 2009


I see a SUV laughing at a hybrid car in the past,

Too bad this trend won’t last,

Now I see a little finger mocking the SUV,

Because now going green is the key.

I think a change is underway,

Hybrid cars are here to stay,

The past and present show a lot of change,

But in reality these two generations have similar range.

Forever cars have been markers of class,

Now the best ones are the ones that haul (expletive).

I wonder why we always have to point fingers,

While this terrifying economical crisis still lingers.

This was a"creative" poem I tried to show progress in the US. Back in the day, SUV were far superior to a hybrid. Hybrids were known to be nerdy, and inefficient. Now that has turned 180 degrees. Many people are switching to hybrid cars not only because it is more cost efficient but also because they believe that it really helps the environment. In reality, we would have to do a lot more than drive hybrid cars to save out planet. I really believe that a hybrid car is trying to inference a social status. It is not saying "I have tons of money" but rather "look at me, I care about the environment. That's why I think the US is repeating itself. As we have learned from the Great Gatsby, cars are a sign of social class. When Jay and Daisy are in the car together and they drive past Jay, they are showing a sign of upper class. Back in the 1920s cars were just hitting the market, and only the wealthy. Even though Tom is very wealthy himself, Jay and Daisy feel are trying to show that they are higher than Tom because they are riding a car together. In todays world, cars are true symbols of social class. With so many different car companies and products, it is very easy to say something about your class. Someone with a Ferrari is definently trying to say something about how much money you have. the US has not changed a whole lot because we still use cars as status symbols.