Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is it Civil to take away our Liberties?

The limitation of civil liberties has been the hot topic in class this past week. Starting off with the the election of 1800 and now with our class presentations of America's wars. The limitation of civil liberties is an interesting topic. Arresting people for not agreeing with America's decisions is ludicrous. Taking away the rights of people during perilous times is exactly what u shouldn't do. If people get their rights taken away then they will freak out. America is a nation of regularity, once something goes a little skew everyone will freak out. For example, The stock market, even though it has been down for a significant period of time now, it seems as if everyone loses it when the Dow is down 600 points. It is the same for their rights. If i lost my freedom to press then I would be furious and scared. If i new that i could be arrested for saying 'America is wrong' then i wouldn't say anything at all. If i had all my rights then i wouldn't feel so paranoid about what i'm saying. America should have never suspended Habeas Corpus, Freedom of Speech and Press.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sorry Walt

It was just about 10 o'clock and I was sitting with my dad watching the same screen for the past 3 hours. All of the sudden a screen on the television popped up and said that Barack Obama was publicly announced as the winner of the 2008 Presidential election. During this election season i have witnessed many things but nothing compared to the fluctuation of the view's of my parents and my sister. in the 1st primary my Sister voted for McCain, my dad voted for Obama, and my mom voted Hilary. When it came time to vote only 1 of them stuck with their original vote and this person has only been 18 for 6 months. Yes, my sister stayed with McCain and my mom and dad both jumped on the bandwagon. I was most surprised with my dads vote swing to McCain. Earlier in the 2008 year my dad volunteered for Obama's campaign but didn't even end up voting for him. Another interesting statistic on my family's election process was that my dad, mom, and sister were the only one's in my entire family to vote McCain. my aunt, uncle and three cousins all from Connecticut voted Obama. My aunt and uncle from Georgia also voted Obama. Even my Grandparents both voted Obama. I thought it was kind of funny to hear that the only people in my entire family to go McCain lived in Illinois. All in all tonight was a very exciting night for myself and millions of Americans across the Nation. Walt, I know you probably aren't too excited about this blowout of an outcome but hey look on the bright side at least it hasn't been 100 years since your team won an election.
Here's a link to see how the entire country voted for their respected candidate Yahoo Political Map

In the words of Adam Gutman (just changed slightly due to the circumstances), "I can't wait to see reserve lineman Walt Lyon cry as Barack Obama stares him down after he wins by almost 200 electoral votes"

Walty you just gotta wait 4 more years maybe...