Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is it Civil to take away our Liberties?

The limitation of civil liberties has been the hot topic in class this past week. Starting off with the the election of 1800 and now with our class presentations of America's wars. The limitation of civil liberties is an interesting topic. Arresting people for not agreeing with America's decisions is ludicrous. Taking away the rights of people during perilous times is exactly what u shouldn't do. If people get their rights taken away then they will freak out. America is a nation of regularity, once something goes a little skew everyone will freak out. For example, The stock market, even though it has been down for a significant period of time now, it seems as if everyone loses it when the Dow is down 600 points. It is the same for their rights. If i lost my freedom to press then I would be furious and scared. If i new that i could be arrested for saying 'America is wrong' then i wouldn't say anything at all. If i had all my rights then i wouldn't feel so paranoid about what i'm saying. America should have never suspended Habeas Corpus, Freedom of Speech and Press.

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Kimber said...

This is a really good post. I think that our discussion in class on limitations of civil liberties has brought thoughts to my mind that were similar to yours. It is "un-american" to limit the civil liberties of americans. During the times of major wars (perilous times) this appears to be a trend.
You said "If i new that i could be arrested for saying 'America is wrong' then i wouldn't say anything at all." I believe that this is what any person would do. They would not want to cause a problem with the government and would want to avoid any conflict or chance of being put in prison. I think that this is really bad. This eliminates our riht to freedom of speech. I think that if someone has something to say, even about our government, they should have the right to voice thier own opinion.