Monday, April 6, 2009

Where'd You Go?

As a sports enthusiast, I wanted to do my Junior Theme on a sports relevant topic. That was the easy part. The harder part was figuring out which sport I wanted to write about. The first topic I wanted to investigate the 1980 Winter Olympics, specifically the hockey team. Miracle is my favorite movie and I wanted to learn more about that improbable gold medal for the hockey team. Once Doc OC denied me from that topic I moved to Baseball. I immediately switched to the serious decline in black American ball players. I am currently studying this topic and I have read numerous articles, Forty Million Dollar Slaves, and have listened to a NPR podcast. In all of these forms of media, they have all said that the decline of these black baseball players is from economic standpoint. It has been noticed that less and less black athletes are playing baseball past the age of 12. These athletes are ending their baseball careers because many of these boys are from lower class areas and money is an issue. With money being an issue, college is always a tough monetary hit. Scholarships are always wanted by these athletes, but baseball is very strict on giving out scholarships. Unlike football and basketball which dish out scholarships to kids like Bill Gates does to charities. Inner city kids have noticed that and masses of them have dropped baseball and focused on basketball or football. Another reason for this decline is the availability of fields in comparison to basketball. for basketball all you need is a hoop and a ball, unlike baseball where you need a bat, multiple balls, at least 9 guys and the hardest to get, a field. These two reason have been very influencial in the decline of black Americans in the MLB.
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