Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What 09' Brings Us: April Edition

Another month, another preview. I only have two more months until school is over. This month should be a great month for many reasons besides temperatures rising. I know I am a little late on this edition but a few days never hurt anyone. I am going to focus on the GM issue, MLB starts up, and of course Junior Theme. The current debacle with GM is very interesting to me. With Obama firing the president of GM and hiring another man is kind of crazy. Even though I am an Obama fan, I wasn't sure about this decision because it made him seem like he had too much power. I want to see how this new guy does in his first month as a Pres. of GM. My next topic is the MLB. The time for too high of expectations, rain-outs, and hopes for greatness. Just two games in to the regular season and we've already seen uncharacteristic offense and pitching from certain teams. As for the Cubs, we have seen solid pitching but no the dominant line-up we North Siders were hoping for. Kosuke Fukudome is terrible. I wasn't expecting anything else. Last year he had a solid start offensively and now he just can't hit. Like i said before, we can't form too many opinions because we are only two games into the year. Last but definitely not least, the JUNIOR THEME. On April 2nd I was handed a sheet of paper that explained my Junior Theme. Former students of New Trier have all gone through this rigorous process. If you read my previous post then you know all about my topic. I am excited for this because I get to write about baseball, which I am passionate about. It is only a month long so It is not like my whole year is down the tubes. I have to buckle down and get work done. I have to leave you all now and start working on that. Hope you all have a good April and a great 09'.
Stay classy North Shore.

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Judy Gressel said...

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