Thursday, April 16, 2009

Junior Theme, Over and Over again

It's another day in the library and again working on the big JT. My junior theme is starting to get its wheels turning. I have around 7 sources so far and I am starting think about my body paragraphs. I still have some reading to do in my book Forty Million Dollars Slaves. I first read the chapter that directly correlates to MLB. Now I am reading about black players in the NFL and NBA. this book is very interesting; it discusses the early creation and integration of black athletes in these other sports. I have to continue to read my book and other articles about my topic. I will continue to update the status of my Junior Theme.

Stay class North Shore.

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Judy Gressel said...

Your sources look good. You have some formatting issues in Noodle Tools to fix.

Make sure you go to General Reference Center Gold database.

Do a subject search: African American athletes, (1500 articles)
click on subdivisions to drill down into your topic. Let me know how this works for you!