Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's so Secret About it?

In class last week we were given the opportunity to look at arguably the most confidential document in New Trier. This article was the letter of concerned parents and their attempt to ban The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. For some odd reason this document is not allowed to be distributed or copied under any circumstances. All I want to know is why? We are allowed to look at it, we are allowed to copy it down if we wanted, and we are allowed to write back to the NT board about this insane banishment of Huck Finn. I think it is just stupid that a letter to the Principal of New Trier wrote 30 some odd years ago is still prohibited from student eyes. Luckily my sly and deceitful teachers have gotten around the rules and let us look at the document. That's not the point. My point is that 31 or so year old document is still not visible to students and even teachers. I think it would be a very interesting paper on why NT has hid this document and why they still hide it. After reading it I have come to a conclusion that by no means is it an offensive letter but also it is not a informal, friendly letter. It makes a strong point why HF should be banned. I don't totally agree with it but I see where they come from. I think it is time for the school to let go and not keep it so ostracized from the rest of the faculty and student body.

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Adam said...

I too wonder about this mythical letter. My only guess is that the administration feels it reflects poorly upon New Trier. At the same time, OC and Solob let us copy it from their desk so it cannot be too secret.