Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What 09' Brings Us: March Edition

This is the month of spring sports but it doesn't feel so much like spring. With the majority of spring sports having their try outs this week it creates tired, stressed, and anxious students. The last three days i have had baseball tryouts at 5:45 every morning. this sets up a long and tiring day. But it all pays off if you hear the 1 word everybody wants to hear, "Congratulations." Sports isn't only exciting at the high school level but also college. March Madness begins which means people lose their money, try to pick the 5 vs. 12 upset and one man goes home happy with some major dough. This has been a crazy year for college basketball because we have yet to see a true standout team. When the tournament rolls around I'm going to put my fake money on North Carolina, as will Doc Oc i imagine. Also March will hopefully have some mercy on the economy. Its not looking good so far but even if the market stagnates then I think that would be a success. Those are my three things to watch in March and good luck to everyone in their respected sports.

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Doc OC said...


I, too, have all my fake $ on the Heels. I like the enthusiastic voice you display in all these posts. It might be nice to take a critical look at the tourney in our culture, though. How many schools wheel in TV's to watch meaningless first round games; the conspiracy against mid-majors, the huge gambling revenue the tournament generates.

I know the games are fun -- awesome with a capital A, baby! -- but I also try to never let down my critical lenses.