Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Head of State

This past Sunday night I was in a hotel room because I was on my way home from Hartford, CT after visiting my sister at Trinity College. Sunday night I turned on the TV and the movie Head of State was airing on TBS. I haven't seen that movie in a long time but i forgot how funny it was. That humor wasn't really what got me. I was really surprised that they would air a movie like this during election season. Mays Gilliam played by Chris Rock is a black man who came from a tough neighborhood and doesn't have any political experience. This character is very easily associated with Barack Obama especially when the man Mays Gilliam is running against is an older white man who has been apart of the government for many years. This man resembles John McCain. Showing this movie, I think really showed that TBS or the Turner Family is for Obama. In the movie Mays Gilliam comes out of nowhere and ends up winning this election. There is a scene where Gilliam and the other candidate, Brian Lewis are in a political debate. Gilliam totally obliterated Lewis in the debate. I think by showing this movie was shown to help advocate Barack Obama. I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing but I was just surprised that politics were now taking place in movies. Here is the political debate that Gilliam and Lewis had.


Gutty The Great said...

I liked your post and I think it's an interesting topic to explore, when you discuss whether or not TBS supports Barack. Some news channels, like FOX are famous for their crystal clear political views. Though it's hard to tell with a non-news channel like TBS. Could airing Head of State be there way of endorcing Barack Obama. The timing for this tv movie was definately perfect, along with the overall scenario of the movie. Or could this just be a sad coincedence? After reading Gordie's post I am definately going to pay more attention to non-news TV channels to see if they are bias.

Kimber said...

I think that this is really interesting. It’s good that you were able to relate common day events to that of the movie. Also, when watching that short clip from the movie I found it strange that when the first candidate walked into the debate area that an entire half of the audience stood up, but the other half did not. This is not realistic to present day. The audience is never separated evenly: 50-50.

Kelly said...

This is a perfect example for this election. I have never heard of this movie before. I don’t think that TBS showing this movie during the political season necessarily meant that they supported one candidate over another. It is just a strong parallel of the current election. I am sure that now this particular movie became a reality, more movies will come out with the same concept.