Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another 100 Years?

Currently I am not watching the abismal CUBS get dusted by Manny Ramirez and his dredlocks. I am huge Cubs fan but right now i am beyond disgusted. Where is a Lou Pinella flip out? That could be the only way the Cubs stop thinking about 1908 and actually get a hit. Chad Billingsly? Who is this guy? He's making my home team look like Mr. O'Connor after he slid into second...Broken. I'm not really sure why the Cubs, who scored 56 more runs than any team in the N.L. can't scrap more than 2 runs in a game. If you fans can remember all the way back to last year's NLDS agianst the D'Backs and you are watching this series there should be one thing in our minds.. Déjà vu. This team was predicted to win the World Series is now trailing 2-0 in a best of 5 series. By watching this mockery of what we call Baseball I have learned one thing, never bet on the Cubs. The only bet I would think about making with the Cubs would be that I'd bet my life that the Cubs will win a World Series before I die. I will end it like this...200 years?


Danny M said...

Although the cubs are playing awful and they are digusting the entire city, could you expect anything more from a team that finds some way to choke every year. The white sox on the other hand were a long shot to win the world series in 2005, even though their record was the best in the AL, they did not dissapoint the fans. They exceed everyone's expectations and won the world series. As a White Sox fan I am glad that the White Sox exceeded expectations again and rewarded the fans with a playoff appearance and a division title. And once a team can make it to October, then anything can happen. Like the White Sox winning the World series and the cubs being swept out of the first round.

Matt L. said...

I am disgusted at the way the cubs played. If they would have played up to their potential they could have gone a long way. But, they did not play that way so it will be another long winter to wait till next year

Gutty The Great said...

We are all devastated after this tragic loss. Who cares if it's going to take another 100 years to win a world series. The Bears and the Hawks are showing promise. So stop sulking in your basement listening to old Jon Bon Jovi cds. Its time to move on, its bar mitzvah season.