Monday, September 22, 2008

The Cup's Back on Our Side

Paul Azinger
This past weekend is a very special one for my family. It is special for 1 reason and that is the Ryder Cup. Since I have been 10 years old my dad and I have played numerous rounds of golf. As time has past I have gotten much better and have very close matches with my dad. These rounds of golf means nothing compared to the competition of the Ryder Cup. For the last 6 years i have watched the Ryder Cup with my dad on both Saturday and Sunday. My dad is a huge golf junkie and when Ryder Cup season rolls around he goes into his own world. This weekend i watched the heavy underdogs, the United States of America, shock the world with their upset against Europe. With Tiger Woods injured it seemed that there was no chance of US victory. Paul Azinger (man holding cup at top of screen), the US captain, had complete confidence in his players and never doubted them one bit. This US team was filled with 6 rookies to the Ryder Cup. On this team there was no standout MVP, but in reality it was the quintessential team effort. Winless since 1999 the US was desperate for a "W". As the weekend progressed the thought of the US winning became greater and greater. On the final sunday as all the matches were in progress the score was almost even and fluctuating constantly. It wasn't over until the very end when I knew the US would hoist the cup for the 1st time in 9 years.

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Gutty The Great said...

Your posts are insightful, you are a true pioneer. A starfish amongst carps. Sweetness surrounded by bitterness. A crispy autum engulfed in a black hole. A rose buried in hard thorns. A wiser more athletic Sarah Macglacklin.....
If you can be true to yourself than you can be true to other....
P.S. I saw a picture of you from freshman year, you did actually have a little bit of flow.