Monday, February 9, 2009

What 09' Brings Us: Februray Edition

For all you long time viewers you know that at the beginning of every month i like to review each month and highlight certain events or days in a month to look out for. January was a pretty intense month with all the presidential stuff going around so some might say February will be a slow month. I have to disaggree. The 1st of February was an exciting day because arguably the one of the greatest Super Bowls was played. That game set the bar high for Feb. Feb 21, a New Trier favorite, Turnabout. In my opinion Turnabout is the best dance at NT. Not because of I don't have to gain the courage to ask a girl but the overall dance segment is always better. It also seems that the girls do a much better job planning and organizing the nights opposed to the guys who settle everything a week before Homecoming. Also Valentine's Day. Everyone and their loved ones get to share a day of chocolate and flowers. I personally don't have anyone to celebrate with but no biggie. The other important event to watch is Obama's Stimulus Plan. His plan to create 4 million jobs is not the most believeable idea to come accross the White House. These three events or days are on my watch in February. Even though it is the shortest month of the year it certaintly isn't the least exciting

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Adam said...

I agree that February will be a fun month. Similar to you, I always have certain expectations at the start of the month. It is always interesting to look back at those expectations at the end of the month. It will be interesting to see if February is the month we are hoping it will be. Word is, there are a line of cone heads going to Turnabout.