Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Very Superstitious

Superstitions have sculpted the lives or almost every person to ever live. Superstitions can be found in athletics, academics, and many other aspects of life. Athletics and academics came to my mind first because I have superstitions for both. For me in sports, I am very superstitious. In night league, if i score a bunch of points or play well a certain night, I will make sure to wear the exact same thing the next week. Last week I scored a career high 25 points in my game. I was wearing my, sorry Doc Oc but, maryland basketball jersey, black new trier baseball shorts, a black nike head band, which was upside down, white nike high socks,  a sleeveless white undershirt, and Adidas basketball shoes. Tomorrow, sad to say, I will wear the exact same thing as last time. Even the upside down headband. Many professional athletes have these weird superstitions in all kinds of sports. Today in class we talked about Troy Polamalu crossing his chest every play of the Super Bowl. I'm not sure if he was actually praying to God every play or if he just had a mean case of Tourettes Syndrome. He by no means has the weirdest supersition. From getting slapped as hard as you can before each game to wearing a pair of your opposing team to sleep; here are the ten craziest sports superstitions according to Ethan Trek another blogger. In school i also have superstitions. these aren't as crazy as my night league rituals but they are a little goofy. For example, when i have to take a test, I can't sit in a wobbly chair, I have to use a mechanical pencil or pen when i write, and maybe my quirkiest one is that on every scantron sheet I use, I write the date in the period box and write the period in the date box (don't as why). to make my point clear i just wanted to show that many people have insane superstitions and you are not alone because I bet someone out there has a much crazier ritual than you. 


Kimber said...

How did the game go? Did your outfit help you again?

Kelly said...

Gordie, you make some good points. I am pretty sure that everyone has had some kind of superstition within their life, even if they don’t do it on a regular bases. Overall, I don’t have any crazy superstitious rituals or anything, but I do have one that I have done since I was little. I was told that you are supposed to hold your breath whenever you drive or walk by a cemetery or go under a bridge. So, ever since then I do that and sometimes it is a stretch but I still do it. I don’t know what the significance is of it but I do it just for fun.
Did your new “lucky” outfit for night league work out for you again?

Adam said...

It's pretty easy to get attatched to superstitions. Before I go to school every morning, I wake up extra early to watch two important movies, Miracle and Dante's peak. Without them, I can't make it through my day. Did your outfit help you??